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Bleach Stamping

One of my many pleasures in crafting is using everyday household products to create fun projects and what better example of this than bleach stamping.

Using normal household bleach get an absorbent paper towel and fold it over a few times to make a little stamp pad. Pour a little bleach on this. I use my non-stick mat to place the paper towel on to so as not to get bleach on my work top. Depending on what type of beach you have (thick or very liquid) will determine how much. You want the paper towel to be wet with bleach but no need for it to be sopping.

This technique should only be used with rubber stamps (not photopolymer), then you use your paper towel ink pad to stamp in the normal way on your cardstock.

I should warn you that different coloured card stock will react to bleach very differently. In the images below you will see how each of the different colours of card stock reacted to the bleach. I just used scraps of card stock so that I can keep these as a reference for using in future projects.

Blues and Greens - these worked really well.
Reds, Purples, Yellow and Orange - the reds were the worst!
Neutral Colours - these mostly worked well

I hope you give it a try. Below is a card I made using this technique.

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