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Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

The big topic of conversation at the moment is definitely about plastics! It's been banded about now for many years but it's great to see a real enthusiasm lately of not only our plastic problem but for rubbish in general.

I've long been taking my own bags to the supermarket, buying 2nd hand and turning off the lights when I leave a room, but you may have noticed a wave of people trying to go completely plastic free and it's much harder than many think.

I do think some plastics do have their place in our society, particularly those that can be used many times over. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration of how we can recycle, reuse and repurpose so when I saw face pot plant holders made of various plastic bottles, I just had to give it a try.

These are all made with white milk bottles and the lips are the tops of cream bottles. However the many on Pinterest are various types of bottles and now when I look at a plastic bottle I turn it upside down! If you are going to buy products in plastic bottles, make your choice with re-purposing in mind :-)

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